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Chinese Zodiac Plants 12-Piece Sticker Pack

Chinese Zodiac Plants 12-Piece Sticker Pack

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Inspired by placemats at my family's Chinese restaurant, I did a series where I paired the personality of Chinese zodiac animals with plants. This sticker pack includes all 12 Chinese zodiac animals. This is a perfect gift for plant lovers and Chinese zodiac astrologists!

Save 58% when purchasing this pack - at retail all 12 stickers sold individually are $48! 

This 12-piece pack includes the following stickers:

  • Rabbit + Peace Lily
  • Dragon + Fiddle-Leaf Fig
  • Snake + Calathea Rattlesnake Plant
  • Rooster + Bird of Paradise
  • Dog + Snake Plant
  • Pig + Pilea Plant
  • Rat + Bamboo Plant
  • Ox + ZZ Plant
  • Tiger + Saguaro Cactus
  • Horse + Spider Plant 
  • Goat + Pothos Plant
  • Monkey + Monstera Plant


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Purp Dalia

These little stickers are great for adding a little tranquility of home wherever you stick them.

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