“Monkey + Monstera” Original Watercolor Painting


9″ by 12″ original artwork mounted on acid-free foamboard. Frame not included.

Monstera Deliciosa Plant + Year of the Monkey pot watercolor original!

This is #8 of my 12 part collection “Zodiac Plants,” where I pair Chinese Zodiac animals to a plant’s personality.

Both the Monstera and Monkey are lively, fast learners, crafty, clever, and well-liked.

The Year of the Monkey Original Watercolor Painting is perfect for plants lovers and people born in the years of 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, and 1956. Check out my other listings to find your Zodiac animal!

Size9"x12" mounted on 12"x16" mat
MaterialsDaniel Smith watercolor paints on cold-pressed paper
Shipping1-2 weeks
OriginSan Francisco Bay Area