“Resilience” Original Watercolor Painting


8″ by 10″ original artwork mounted on acid-free foamboard in 12″ x 16″ frame.

“Resilience” original watercolor floral painting for sale! My mom grows 10 buckets of globe amaranths flowers in front of her restaurant to relieve her health problems. I wanted to depict how Asian Americans reuse objects to survive in America and heal themselves. This original watercolor painting represents the Fairmont, Minnesota era of my life. 

This is #1 in my collection, “Soy Sauce Genesis,” where I paint flowers from unique places in my life in soy sauce containers.


Size8"x10" mounted on 12"x16" mat
Frame12"x16" frame black fiberboard frame with Polystyrene cover
MaterialsDaniel Smith watercolor paints on cold-pressed paper
Shipping1-2 weeks
OriginSan Francisco Bay Area

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