Kitchen God Art Print


Most Chinese families keep a Kitchen God by their stove, as the kitchen is the soul of each family. This Chinese Kitchen God art print is a perfect piece of art to put above your stove.

The Kitchen God sees all of the affairs of each family. In Chinese mythology, the Kitchen God or Zao Shen is summoned every New Year by Jade Emperor to deliver a report on each family’s behavior. According to the report, the Emperor will reward or punish each family accordingly.

I incorporated elements that invoke prosperity and fortune: the annual New Years’ fish for abundance, prosperity knots, lucky gold coins, peonies for wealth + spring, and a butterfly for beauty.

Size5"x7", 8"x10"
Shipping1-2 weeks
Materials80# stock
PackagingClear sleeves and no-bend mailers
OriginSan Francisco Bay Area, CA
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