Bamboo Art Print


Bamboo Art! Sentimental watercolor print of a bamboo plant in a fruit vase. My mom bought a bamboo plant 25 years ago when my grandma moved to the United States from China. The bamboo supposed to signify luck. Through countless moves, we somehow kept it alive.

This year, my cousin got sick with COVID-19 and my parents moved out of their house temporarily. They left the bamboo at the house and unfortunately, the bamboo plant died. The death signified the end of that chapter of life. This bamboo brush art helps our family remember our lucky bamboo plant.

Size5"x7", 8"x10"
Shipping1-2 weeks
Materials100# uncoated cover - made from 30% recycled stock using environmentally- friendly soy based ink
PackagingClear sleeves and no-bend mailers
OriginSan Francisco Bay Area, CA